About *those* photos. . .

January 24, 2019

Recently, someone stole photos from one of my devices----sexy photos I'd never shared with anyone----and distributed them to lots and lots of people.

At first, I was angry, embarrassed, devastated. But that didn't last long. At all. The truth of the matter is that I am a forty-one year old woman who loves her body despite the pregnancy scars, the surgery scars,, the bumps and bruises. Why shouldn't I *love* the skin I'm in? Why shouldn't we *all* love the skin we're in? I'm not embarrassed that I sometimes feel sexy. I'm not ashamed that I wanted a record of how great that feels in my body. I'm the only me and you're the only you who will ever be made. Why not celebrate the beauty in the individuality of that?

While there are plenty of capable folks working on the WHO and the HOW, I've been focused on how I can make this a body positive moment we can all learn from and use in our daily lives. 

Those photos are out there. That can't be undone. But I can take from it whatever I choose. Why let this *person* bully me? Why let this *person* make me feel shame? It's a bad message. To my readers, my friends, my family. 

How can I preach body positivity when I allow someone to shame me for that very BLANKING thing?

Here's what I've decided: At least one of those photos is currently being made into a book cover. Cause WHY THE HELL NOT? I have nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of in this case. While I'm far from perfect, the last I checked having a positive relationship with one's body was A GOOD THING. And I will use that book, that story, to preach this message: Fall in love with yourself from time to time. Love every inch of the amazing body you have. 

As for the *person* who did this, all bullies are the same. They're small and petty and desperate to control the narrative. I won't be having that. Not today, not tomorrow, and not next week. This is my career, my life, and my body and I'll have the last word on this. 

The photo that will be a book cover is posted below., 

Y'all, celebrate your sexy and don't let ANYONE make you ashamed of your body . EVER. 

Love each and every one of you to the moon, 



Blaire Edens

Happily ever after . . .with a side of laughter